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How to play football. Play faster. Value for money. Direct security from our website.

How to play football

How to play football We are ready to serve everyone. Come and join the fun. The most popular football betting The best service, no. 1 by 100% Thai people, betting to get real money

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For today, we will teach you how to bet football. For new members to understand how to play To be experienced More expert

This will help you to easily win bets, create money, make profits without hassle. Let’s see. Enter the home page.

Can be explained. Red (live) is a pair of balls that are currently competing. Blue (not live) is a pair of balls that are not currently playing.

But open for pre-betting. The red team name is the next team, the blue team name is the secondary team, the dark black number matches FT.HCP, for example 0.77 meaning is

If you play 1,000 baht, you get 770 baht. If you lose, you will lose 1,000 baht. Or black means losing full if you get.

The result will be as shown. Red means get full. If lost, will lose as shown. Handicap (HDP) means the ball’s face. For example, 0-0.5 is PP, 0.5 is half of the ball, 0.5 + 1. Which is half a galloping ball etc.

GOAL means “high-low”. By counting the total score scored For you to select the menu, look at the accompanying football, which consists of the following betting types

Bargain price / High low The odds for each pair will be displayed on the right hand pallet. The pool price (full time / half time)

Predict the result of an odd-numbered result in which the result will come out even or odd in each of the first half. Full time is to predict the half-time or full-time first goal / goal.

The last one is to predict which side will score the first goal or the last goal. Mix Palay is a bet in the form of steps (more than 3 pairs).

The winner is to predict the winner of the special tournament, the corner corner. And guess which side kicked the ball first How are you

For football betting methods that the website has brought you today. We hope to help you to bet on the ball consciously. Also get money from placing bets as well

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